The museum exhibits samples in the following main scientific fields:

  • Mineralogy (with crystallography).
  • Petrography of igneous and metamorphic rocks, and sedimentology.
  • Genetic types of deposits of ore and industrial minerals (with regional collections from Bulgarian deposits).
  • Gem and decorative minerals and materials.
Special collections are: Rock crystals and other varieties of quartz' from Brazil (donation I. Deleff), 'Giant calcite crystals' from the Bourgas ore region,
'Minerals from the lead-zinc deposits' of the Rhodope Mountain, and 'Agates and jaspers' from Bulgaria. The petrography collection is considered as one of the best in Bulgarian museums, including rare alkaline rocks. Reside samples from a variety of foreign countries with a lot of samples from Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Brazil, China and Australia.
research, teaching, public exhibits; material available for loan and exchange; temporary exhibits and public events.
The Museum is open for public:
Monday - Friday 9.00-16.00 h (closed on weekends and holidays), or by appointment. Address:
Bulgaria, Sofia 1700
University of Mining and Geology
"St. Ivan Rilski"
Museum of mineralogy, petrography
and mineral deposits
FAX +359 2 9624940
Chief: Mrs.E.Ivanova
phone +359-2-62581/360