Geology and Exploration of Mineral and Energy Resources - GEMER

The course of study in Geology and Exploration of Mineral and Energy Resources is basic for the training of specialists with higher educational qualification who are capable of performing applied and fundamental research work in the area of Earth sciences and, in particular, in the field of geology and exploration of mineral and energy resources. Within the Republic of Bulgaria, this qualification is only granted at the University of Mining and Geology ÔSt. Ivan RilskiÔ in Sofia. The graduates in this course (engineers and geo-explorers, or Masters in Engineering) are given broad and high-quality fundamental, general, and specialised theoretical training that is combined with contemporary practical knowledge, skills, and communication capacities. This allows them to quickly adapt to various specific conditions in their occupational activities. They are prepared for efficient and creative engineering work as explorers, designers, researchers, and technologists in the area of the geology of mineral and energy resources.
Student taking a Bachelor's degree in this course are offered complex knowledge for solving a variety of practical problems and for carrying out research in the field of geology, prediction, preliminary survey, exploration, and exploitation of diverse minerals, such as metal resources, industrial minerals and rocks, coal, oil, and gas. Alongside, they are educated in special areas of human knowledge, including the issues of the technology for mineral processing, applied mineralogy (incl. new materials), the geological conditions of the living environment, etc.
Education in the Master's degree covers four courses of study:
- Economic Geology;
- Petroleum Geology;
- Fossil Fuel Economics;
- Applied Mineralogy.
The curricula for the courses have been developed in cooperation with leading experts from related European universities and meet the contemporary European requirements in the field of mineral resources. The renovated and modernised laboratory basis in the department allows the practical training of students in the course of their studies. The course of studies is included within the framework of the ERASMUS+ common European education programme and provides opportunities for student mobility and for carrying out part of their training in a number of leading European universities. The traditional contacts with international institutions and companies in the area of geology guarantee better opportunities for the occupational fulfilment of the future specialists not just in Bulgaria bur also in a multitude of prestigious foreign companies operating on the territory of this country and throughout the world.