Ecology and Environmental Protection - EEP

The main educational objective of teaching the laws of general ecology to students in the Bachelor's degree is to form the theoretical foundation for gathering applied knowledge and skills aimed at environmental protection during geoexploration activities, mining and processing of minerals and energy sources. This will make it possible to make an ecological approach to the development of the respective technologies and, concurrently, will teach students how to tackle various cases of applied nature, such as: purification of water and soil from heavy metals, toxic elements, petroleum, and other pollutants; avoiding atmospheric pollution with noxious gases during the processing of minerals; recultivation of the Earth's bowels and the earth surface; recycling and disposal of mineral wastes, etc. The graduates of this course of studies can be successfully employed on positions connected with environmental protection activities in the geoexploration, mining, and energy branches of industry, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in agriculture, as well as such in the field of mineral processing. They can also find occupational fulfilment as ecologists in district authorities and municipalities, in the Regional Inspectorate of the Environment and Water (RIEWs), or as state employees in institutions whose scope of power is ecology.
The Master's degree expands students' knowledge and this is facilitated by the opportunity to obtain specialised training in some of the above subjects by selecting the respective set of optional course units. The graduates of this degree are able to design and organise environmental protection activities and to exert administrative control in this direction, as well as to perform as engineers and ecologists in various branches of industry and agriculture, as experts in state institutions, non-governmental organisations, and commercial entities acting in the area of ecology and environmental protection, and also as research workers in the field of ecology and environmental protection. Training in both degrees is carried out along curricula that comply with those of the leading universities of EU member states.