Drilling, oil and gas production, and Transport

Program for the bachelor in Drilling and oil & gas productioN and transport

Drilling and oil & gas productioN and transport

This bachelor of science program builds knowledge to the students aimed to be a base for highly qualified specialists capable of carrying out and managing a wide range of activities in drilling, hydrocarbon production, transportation, and storage are being prepared.

At the Bachelor level, the included courses that provide the students with knowledge and skills enabling them to be realized in areas such as: hydrocarbon exploration and production; oilwell and diamond core drilling; oil and gas wells facilities for production and primary surface processing; well intervention and intensification; reservoir simulation and development of oil and gas fields; hydrocarbon transportation and storage; gas supply for industrial and residential projects; geological prospecting for ore mineral deposits; underground drilling in mines; water well and geothermal drilling; geotechnical drilling, construction and trenchless.

The Department offers MSc programme in following lines:

Petroleum engineering;

Oil and gas production, transport and storage;

Gas supply;

Diamond core drilling;

Gas Infrastructure Management.

In all these, special attention is paid to: drilling technologies – diamond, oil and gas as well as water well and geo-technical, reservoir characterization and modeling; hydrocarbons production and utilization; oil and gas well workover; pipeline engineering; industrial and household gasification. The teaching proves includes the application of the state of the art technologies and IT technologies in the above fields.

Testimony for the high level of teaching process in the department is the fact that more than 250 specialists who graduated from the Department in recent years have worked or are working in different countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and USA in major international companies.