Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology - HEG

Classical geological and applied course units are included in the curriculum, mainly such in the area of construction and mining.
The graduates of the course of study are qualified to perform research, design, production, and exploitation activities in the following major fields:
In the field of hydrogeology: exploration and assessment of the ground water deposits and resources; ground water capitation and exploitation; protection of ground water against pollution and exhaustion; fighting other components of the environment by means of ground water. In the field of engineering geology: clarifying the geotechnical situation while designing and constructing engineering facilities; working out measures and performing activities to combat geological and technical processes and phenomena, such as earthquakes, landfalls, floods with mud- and stone slides, etc.; assessment of the environmental alterations during the construction of surface and underground facilities.
The first educational and qualification degree is the Bachelor's. The graduates are offered a Bachelor's degree in Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology. The second educational and qualification degree is the Master's degree. It is offered in two courses of studies:
- Engineering Geology;
- Hydrogeology.
The graduates of this course of studies can work in the following branches and sub-branches of the national economy: power supply - energy sites and hydroelectric power plants, opencast and underground mining construction; construction and transport - industrial, civil, road, hydro-engineering, and underground construction sites; water supply - domestic, drinking, industrial, spa sites with groundwater supply, etc.; mineral resources - hydrological exploration and design of ore and non-ore sites; rock lining materials; sites for the extraction of geothermal energy and resources by geotechnical methods; agriculture - irrigation and water supply sites; environment - assessment of the impact of the groundwater and the engineering and geodynamic processes on the environment, hydro-geological and geotechnical monitoring; water resource management.