Management of Resources and Production Systems - MRPS
The course of studies in Management of Resources and Production Systems offers training in the Bachelor's educational and qualification degree.
Graduates obtain the vocational qualification of ENGINEER AND MANAGER, a job that is both responsible and attractive in a contemporary highly technological and information society. The course meets the requirements of the business to employ experts with balanced fundamental occupational preparation and specialised engineering and practice-oriented knowledge in economics and management.
The course is based on many years of successful experience and traditions in training students in the courses of studies in Industrial Management and Business Administration whose graduates have found excellent occupational fulfilment in the private and public sectors.
Students are trained to be part of teams when solving such problems as:
- Performing geoexploration, mining, and processing activities which are in accordance with the specific conditions of the business functioning;
- Management of the processes of complex and in-depth utilisation of non-renewable natural resources and of the available technogenic raw material base;
- Management of the environmental protection in accordance with the concept of sustainable development;
- The operational management of the corporate activities within and out of the mining branch of industry.
To acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, an up-to-date educational process is offered to students that comprises training in the field of natural sciences, mathematics and informatics, mining, geological, engineering, and technological sciences, as well as in the areas of economics, management, and law. This process is carried out in both contemporary auditorium environment and leading mining enterprises.
The holders of a Bachelor's degree in Management of Resources and Production Systems can continue their studies in the educational and qualification degree of Master in Management and Economics and to further broaden their knowledge and expertise, as well as to extend their opportunities for occupational fulfilment.