Electrical Power Energy and Electrical Equipment - EEES

The Bachelor's degree rationally combines fundamental with applied course units. The comprehensive training in Principles of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Measurements, Electrical Machines, Electric Drives, Power Electronics, Microprocessor
Engineering and Communication Equipment, and Fundamentals of Automation is a precondition for a profound training in the vocation-oriented courses in Electrical Apparata, Electric Networks and Systems, The Electric Part of Electric Power Stations and Substations, Electricity Supply and Electrical Equipment, and Lighting Equipment and Network Engineering. Students in this course of studies are the only ones in Bulgaria who obtain thorough training in the field of electrical equipment for explosion-risk productions. This makes them the preferred experts in coal, oil, gas, and chemical industries.

The Master's degree further expands the theoretical and applied training of students in the area of electrical power engineering and electrical equipment in mines, and also in a contemporary and prospective field in power energy: renewable energy sources.

Training is offered in the following courses of studies:
Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment in Mines;
Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment with Renewable Energy Sources.
The graduates in these courses of studies can find successful occupational fulfilment as research workers, secondary school teachers and university lecturers, power engineers, designers, and managers of organisations for the assembly, adjustment, exploitation, and maintenance of electrical equipment.