Computer Technologies in Engineering - CTEA

The course of studies in Computer Technologies in Engineering is offered for training specialists who will be able to use computer systems, to design, develop, and support computer technology applications in the areas of the mining, geological, and processing branches of industry, as well as in every other sphere of industrial and administrative activity.
The course units included in the bachelor's educational and qualification degree allow students to gain knowledge and skills in fundamental, general engineering, and specialist fields.
The graduates of the course of study in Computer Technologies in Engineering obtain a balanced education in the area of information technologies and of computer hardware and software. This is achieved by means of a set of course units in the field of the theory of information systems, computer networks and communication, computer control systems, operating systems, procedure and non-procedure programming languages, visual programming, microprocessor equipment, computer modelling, CAD and GIS systems, etc.
Special attention is paid to the English language training of students which results in broad linguistic culture thus facilitating their occupational fulfilment.
The graduates in this course of studies are occupationally successful as specialists in the following spheres of expertise:
Systems programmers, application programmers, programmers in the internet environment, programmers of programmable controllers and devices.
Software engineers, system analysis; design, development, testing, and support of programming systems.
Administrators of local area networks, of Internet centres, of information systems, and of databases.
Control and support of the information streams and resources of enterprises, selection, installation, setting-up, and maintenance of the necessary software for a particular company, personnel training, organisation of the collection, processing, and storage of the company information, etc.
Internet engineers, Web design, information systems based on the Internet, etc.
Development and support of CAD systems, GIS, and other open systems.
The graduates of this course of study are given the qualification degree of Engineers in Computer Technologies and can further extend their education taking a master's degree and a Ph.D. at universities in this country and abroad and be engaged in research and educational activities.