Mechanisation of Mining Production - MMP

TThe machine engineer with a Bachelor's degree in this course of studies is qualified to perform activities in the area of exploration, constructing, technology, management, production, assembly, exploitation, maintenance, etc. for mining, production, and processing associations and companies, for plants and centres, as well as for enterprises with design, constructing, and scientific and research activities. Students in this course are educated how to apply the respective software in the design of machines and facilities, how to study units and components by means of computer modelling, and how to employ computer methods in analysis and optimisation. Graduates can take leading positions in the state administration, in departments of prospecting and marketing, as well as in financial and insurance institutions, and others.

Training in the Master's degree is offered in two courses of studies:
- Mechanisation in the Mining and Processing of Minerals;
- Mechanisation for the Processing of Minerals.
In this degree, students expand their engineering knowledge in the following fields: hydro- and pneumo-automatic equipment; dynamics of mining machines and facilities; fundamentals of manipulator robotised equipment; computer design and modelling; the use of computer methods in engineering; computer simulation investigation; analysis and optimisation of machines and facilities, etc. The graduates of this educational and qualification degree can perform both practical and supervising activities in the areas of exploration, construction, design, manufacturing, exploitation of mine engineering equipment, or deal with educational and research activities that are connected with the existing mine engineering equipment or with the creation of new equipment. They can also operate as managers in mining enterprises, associations, and firms, as experts in software companies, as consultants for financial and insurance institutions, or as expert specialists in the state administration.