Management of Resources and Production Systems - MRPS

Since the academic year 2016/2017, the University of Mining and Geology has offered training to students with only a GCSE for a Master's educational and qualification degree in the course of study in Mine Surveying and Geodesy. Students are prepared to work in two areas: mine surveying and geodesy. The graduates are given a Master's degree in the state regulated profession of Engineer in Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre.
Within the area of mine surveying, which is an essential part of the complex of mining sciences, experts perform in solving responsible engineering problems in the area of geoexploration and mining that are connected with opencast and/or underground development of mineral deposits, preservation and rational use of the Earth's bowels, and environmental protection.
Within the area of geodesy, training is offered to specialists to perform geodetic, astronomical, gravimetric, photogrammetric, cartographic, and cadastral measurements and activities that result in the creation, supporting, and use of geodetic networks and in making territorial plans and topographic and cadastral maps through up-to-date methods and technologies.
The holders of a Master's degree in the course of studies in Mine Surveying and Geodesy are occupationally fulfilled as: managers, organisers, and engineers in geodetic, design, and building companies and mining enterprises; experts in the area of territorial development and urban planning, as well as in the governance of landed property; experts in the municipal administration; experts and researchers in scientific institutions and organisations that specialise in the field of geodesy, cartography, and cadastre; teachers in secondary schools and in secondary schools with vocational training, and lecturers in higher educational institutions.