Mineral Processing and Recycling - MPR
Vocational qualification: Engineer in Mineral Processing and Recycling

Mineral processing and recycling education in Bulgaria is carried out only at the Department of Mineral Processing and Recycling, University of Mining and Geology ôSt. Ivan Rilskiö.

The course of studies in Department of Mineral Processing and Recycling trains highly qualified engineers for occupational fulfilment in areas: ferrous, non-ferrous, rare ores and precious metals processing, coal, industrial minerals, building and rock materials; solid and liquid wastes management, processing, and utilizing etc.
Interdisciplinary studies by classical and modern methods and means of education provide engineering and technical knowledge on various technologies for mineral and solid fuel processing, on complex technologies for the processing, recycling, and management of alternative raw materials: solid domestic and industrial wastes, etc.
The main educational objective is to achieve a perfect combination of fundamental and general engineering knowledge with practical training, as well as to acquire competences in research and engineering practices aimed at recycling mineral and technogenic raw materials. The Department of Mineral Processing and Recycling is the only one in Bulgaria that trains engineers for a degree and for obtaining practical and applied skills as managerial staff in plants, installations, and facilities for the recycling of solid domestic and industrial wastes. The Department disposes of modern and well-equipped laboratories and training halls. Student mobility within related courses of studies offered by leading European universities is carried out in this course of study. The variety of practical trainings adds to the specifics of the laboratory seminars and consolidates the vocational knowledge and skills of students and their teamwork abilities, likewise. An important educational aspect is the formation of knowledge and skills for projects preparation, individual research work and participation in scientific forums (conferences, symposia, congresses). Areas and Possibilities for professional realization and further development Mineral and recycling process engineer can work for research, design and consultancy organizations, as experts who solve technological and ecological problems, associated with the mineral processing and recycling industries. They can also work as managers of state, scientific, and business organizations, enterprises, and companies whose activity is: - Complex ores, industrial minerals and coal mineral processing;
- Building and rock materials treatment;
- Processing and recycling of domestic waste and wastes from all spheres of human life;
- Processing and recycling of technogenic raw materials, soils, water and air purification, etc.
The graduates of the first educational and qualification degree are offered a Bachelor's degree in Mineral Processing and Recycling. The second educational and qualification degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) is offered in four vocational qualifications:
- Complex Ores Mining and Processing Management
- Coal, Industrial minerals and Rocks Mining and Processing Management
- Waste Management
- Water Treatment
Within the Master's degree, the Department of Mineral Processing and Recycling also offers training to engineers with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in other courses of studies from higher educational institutions that train specialists in areas such technical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics, etc. The holders of Masters' degrees can continue their studies in the doctoral educational and qualification degree to take a Ph.D.