Underground Construction - UC
The educational and qualification degree of Bachelor offers training to technologists, construction workers, and managers in the area of underground construction.
The first two years of the studies are focused on the fundamental and general engineering training, while the third and the fourth year are dedicated to special course units.
Attention is paid to the study of special methods that ensure the efficient, safe, and ecological underground construction. This educational and qualification degree covers the range of fundamental course units that provide opportunities for further specialisations.
Along with the theoretical background, the course of studies also offers practical training and production practices.
The department also offers opportunities for carrying out practical training in EU countries.
- The Masters educational and qualification degree offers training in:
- Underground Construction;
- Blasting Equipment and Technology - Production of Blasting Materials;
- Geotechnics.
The graduates in this course of studies are qualified to work as follows: as technologist and managers of mining construction enterprises and of mining enterprises; in associations and companies that perform underground urban, transport, and water power construction work; for companies that construct underground urban communication facilities, as well as for such engaged in other types of under- and overground construction.