Exploration, Mining and Processing of Mineral Resources - EMPMR
The course of studies trains highly qualified mining engineers who can work in the field of exploitation of deposits of: ores, ferrous, non-ferrous, rare and precious metals, coal, industrial minerals, construction materials and quarrying. The interdisciplinary course includes modern and classical methods of teaching and ensures obtaining of engineering and technical knowledge for exploiting mineral resources.
The training is aimed at achieving the best combination between fundamental and general engineering knowledge and practical training, together with acquiring a competence in scientific and research work for open-pit and underground mining of minerals and blasting technologies. The two departments in Open-pit Mining of Mineral Resources and Blasting Works and Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits are the only ones which prepare engineers with practical and applied skills to act as managers in mining enterprises, open-pit and underground mines and quarries.
The departments dispose of well-equipped laboratories and lecture halls. The course of study also provides possibility for students' exchange with leading European universities. The production practices along with the laboratory work strengthen both the professional skills and knowledge of the students and their ability for team work. An important aspect of the training is the possibility for participation in projects, scientific events (conferences and congresses) and research work on their own in development of a thesis at the end of the study. Areas of occupational fulfilment: The graduates in this course of studies are qualified to work in research, design and consultancy organisations as: managers, technologists, designers and consultants for mining construction enterprises and for mining companies, as well as for civilian sites (like metropolitan railways, tunnels, ground slopes, storage sites, hydraulic engineering facilities, etc.); for organisations with control and regulatory functions (the Labour Safety Inspectorate, or such for preservation of the Earth's bowels, for environmental protection, for monitoring, etc.); for ministries that are in charge of the mine construction and civil engineering; for the offices for civil protection of the population, etc. The students who graduate the first educational and qualification degree obtain a Bachelor degree diploma in Exploitation of Mineral Resources. The holders of a Bachelor's degree can continue their education in the Master's degree in the following courses of studies:
- Underground Exploitation of Mineral Resources;
- Combined Mining of Mineral Resources;
- Exploitation of Non-Metallic Mineral Resources;
- Blasting Works and Technologies;
- Mining Construction;
- Open-pit Mining of Mineral Resources.
Bachelor's degree and Master's degree engineer students who have graduated from universities which train specialists in the field of Technical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics, etc., can also apply for a Master's degree course at the Open-pit Mining of Mineral Resources and Blasting Works Department and the Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits Department. The graduates from the Master's degree courses can continue their education in the Doctor's scientific and qualification degree.