Oil and Gas Production,Transport and Storage

Program for the Masters in Oil and Gas Production, Transport and Storage

Oil and Gas Production, Transport and Storage

The bachelor’s graduates continue their educational qualification with this Masters degree course so that they can receive the necessary specialized preparation which broadens their knowledge in the fields of: oilwell drilling; design, construction and exploitation of main and distributing pipelines; industrial and urban gasification; oil and gas starage; environment protection; license and concession law. The graduates of this Master Degree course can find professional realization in all scientific and applied fields, connected with:

- Oil and gas transport and storage; pipelines design and engineering, design and construction of underground and gas and oil storages;

- Oil and gas distribution and usage, design and exploitation of systems and networks for industrial and urban gasification.

In this field, the graduates can work as:

- Engineers in scientific research and engineering companies;

- Operators in production management and advanced control rooms, compressors station and other.