Core drilling engineering

Program for the Masters in Petroleum Engineering

Core Drilling Engineering

This Master’s degree program offers undergraduate students to build and broaden their knowledge in the fields of:

Equipment and technology for drilling to explore ore mineral deposits;

Geothermal drilling;

Geo-technology and leaching of ore body deposits;

Geotechnical drilling as well as tunneling and trenchless;

Concession and license law and legislation;

Environmental protection and ecology.

The graduates of this degree course find professional realization in all scientific and applied fields, connected with:

- Engineering - geology drilling, hydrogeology and geo-technological drilling for the purposes of: building (industrial, road, hydro-energetic, pipelines etc.); prospecting and exploitation of hydro recourses; prospecting and exploitation of mineral recourses done by drilling systems;

- Drilling activity connected with ecological projects: constructing projects for industrial waste preservation in depths; also constructing systems for monitoring various underground targets.

In this field the graduates can work as:

- Executive specialists for the needs of designers, scientific, engineering organizations and firms (designer, expert, research worker)

- Leading cadres in production (leader in productions section, leader at compressors station, leading expert, district chief etc.).