Gas Supply

Program for the Masters in GAS SUPPLY


In addition to the graduates of the Master's degree program "Drilling, Extraction and Transportation of Oil and Gas", "Geology and Exploration of Mineral and Energy Resources" and "Applied Geophysics" in the Master's programs can be enrolled graduates of the study program "Gas, purification equipment and technologies ".

In the Master's program "Gas Supply" the students receive the necessary specialized training, deepening their knowledge in the field of: natural gas properties, engineering of natural gas extraction, ground and underground storage of gas, design, construction and operation of gas and gas distribution systems, gas metering and regulation equipment, technological measurements, construction and technical supervision, European and Bulgarian regulations in the sector, Environmental and Earth Protection.

Graduates of this master's degree program can be employed in all areas related to:

Successful graduates of the Gas supply program could find professional realization in foreign and Bulgarian energy companies, in the state and municipal administration. They participate as experts and managers in the implementation of regional and international infrastructure projects, including interconnections - Bulgaria - Greece; Bulgaria - Romania; Bulgaria - Serbia and others.