Ecology and Environmental Protection

The graduates of this bachelors degree course are introduced to the basic principles of common ecology so they can assimilate theoretical base and master applied knowledge and skills in order to protect the environment during geological investigation works, mineral resources and energetic sources production and processing. This builds up an ecological approach to developing the proper technologies and also shows the students how to handle various cases of the applied kind: water and soil purification from hard metals, toxic elements, petroleum and others; prevention of atmosphere pollution with damaging gases during mineral recourses processing; re-cultivation of the bowels of the earth and earth surface; recycling and storage of mineral wastes etc.
The graduates of this basic degree course continue their educational qualification to the next level Masters degree following the main curriculum. The Masters degree course broadens and extends the students knowledge; it also gives them the chance to receive specialized preparation through proper selection of eligible subjects in some of the already mentioned matters. The graduates of this Masters degree course can design organise environment protection activities as well as perform administrative control in this field. The studies in both bachelors and masters degree course are held according to those of leading European universities in countries of the EU.