Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits
The M.Sc. Engineers in Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits undergo a course of study between 3 and 5 semesters depending on their Bachelor degree course of study. The specialists in Mining of Mineral Deposits undergo a 3 semester study. The Bachelors with geological and mine surveying education undergo a transitional course of training with four additional subjects studied during a selected summer or winter semester. The Bachelors with technical or economic background have to go through an additional compensatory course of study of 2 semesters duration. The general and specialized subjects included in the curriculum give the student the possibility to further develop and increase his/her knowledge and skills in organization and management, design and construction, research, consultancy, assessement and monitoring activities in the field of underground and combined mining of underground natural resources, mining building, mining safety and environment protection. Depending on their interest and commitment, over the course of study and the development of the thesis, the graduates can acquire in-depth knowledge in the above- mentioned areas including geo-mechanics. The Master degree course is a foundation for further studies in Human Resource Management and increasing the qualification by acquiring the educational and scientific degree of a doctor.