Waste Management - - WM
Vocational qualification: Engineer in Waste Management
The aim of the degree program is to train and support future leaders in the field of Waste Management. The Master degree course in Waste Management is the only one course in Bulgaria that will give you vocational qualification: Engineer in Waste Management. The course of studies in Waste Management prepare highly qualified specialists in correspondence with the contemporary tendencies for waste management, covering a wide range of public relations on overcoming the waste formation, its ecological collection, contemporary storage, transportation, usage, processing and disposal.
The Master degree course includes the study of methods and technologies for storage, neutralization, processing and recycling of solid waste from industrial, agricultural and domestic origin. The training includes the basic legislation on waste management, processing, utilization and recycling of technological and solid domestic waste; disposal, processing and storage of hazardous and radioactive waste; soil treatment, waste management in the construction industry; technologies for processing and stabilization of biodegradable waste, technologies, methods and schemes for processing of mining and mineral processing wastes, etc. The Master program also offers high level knowledge in technological processes modeling and optimization, marketing and management and waste management information systems.
The Master's Thesis will encourage the students to work independently and in a structured and scientific way. It is guided by a professor or associate professor of the Department of Mineral Processing and Recycling. An important educational aspect is the formation of knowledge and skills for projects preparation, individual research work that results in Masterís Thesis preparation and participation in scientific forums (conferences, symposia, congresses). The training provides broad opportunities for professional realization in national and regional management structures. Master degree course duration is three semesters for the regular study and four semesters for the extramural form of study. The last semester includes Masterís Thesis Preparation and Defense. The holders of Masters' degrees with vocational qualification: Engineer in Waste Management can continue their studies in the doctoral educational and qualification degree to take a Ph.D.