Industrial Management
The necessity to acquire basic knowledge in management of production systems in order to further develop and upgrade them is constantly increasing in accordance with the scientific development and the requirements of industry. The Master degree course in Industrial Management is targeted at meeting this need.
The curriculum encompasses a system of interrelated disciplines which ensure the necessary minimum knowledge for future managerial economic activities. This is a prerequisite for forming managerial skills for a successful career in different companies and organizations including those in the sphere of mining industry.
The necessary conditions for successful educational process have been created. The education is based on the traditions and experience of the Department of Economics and Management acquired during the training of Bachelor and Master degree students in Industrial Management and Business Administration which are assessed by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency at the Council of Ministers.
The applicants with a Bachelor or Master degree in engineering /with average GPA not less than Good 4,0/ are ranked equally with other students who have graduated from other Universities and specialties. The training is three semesters long.