The Master degree students in Hydrogeology can carry out highly qualified activities (exploration, design and research) in the sphere of studying, mining, use and protection of underground waters. They can work as successful specialists in:
  ⇒ Exploration and assessment of local and regional resources of fresh, mineral and industrial underground waters;
  ⇒ Design of water collection systems of wells for domestic, industrial, agricultural, spa and other needs;
  ⇒ Design of unwatering systems of wells and drainages for the needs of different constructuion works (mining, industrial and civil engineering, aquaculture, transport, etc.);
  ⇒ Research on the pollution and protection of underground waters and design of the sanitary zones of water intake facilities and monitoring systems for water control;   ⇒ Exploration and design of systems for filtration extraction of geothermal energy and useful components from the Earths core;
  ⇒ Elaboration of hydro-geological documentation for issuing of permits from the Ministry of Environment and Waters (MoEW) for the use of water sites and water intake, etc.;
  ⇒ Executive and expert work in the field of underground waters in state and municipal administrations (MoEW, Basin Directorates for Water management, Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Waters, regional and municipal administrations, Regional Inspectorates for Protection and Control of Public Health, etc.)
  ⇒ Expert and consultancy work on all issues related to underground waters which have come up with other institutions such as insurance companies, law courts, government and international structures, etc.