Ecological risk assessment and sustainable development
The Masterĺs Programme in ĹEcological risk assessment and sustainable developmentö prepares highly qualified specialists ready to meet the contemporary challenges of the industry and society. In addition to the solid academic knowledge, the programme allows the students to develop a variety of practical skills outside of the university due to our close partnerships with renowned international companies in the field.
The senior graduate students who choose this specialty will be trained in the impact of the energy and mineral industry sectors on the environment as well as in the implementation of efficient and environmentally friendly ecotechnological solutions, adapted to the local social conditions for sustainable industrial development and economic growth.
The programme covers varied aspects of Ecology - Environmental chemistry, Ecological Procedures and Permits, Environmental Risk Assessment, Ecotoxicology, Waste Management, Soil Quality Management, Water Quality Management, Modelling of geoecological processes, Management of lands and landscapes damaged by mining activities, Sustainable development and Radioecology.
All kinds of manufacturers wish to hire such specialists, because the industry must satisfy strict environmental regulations and be sure that it operates following the best eco-friendly practices.