Engineering Geology

The Master degree students in Engineering Geology can carry out exploration, design, scientific and applied and management activities in the sphere of engineering and geological research for different types of construction; exploration, assessment, forecasting and management of dangerous geodynamic processes; dividing in seismic micro districts of territories, engineering and geological monitoring. They acquire new knowledge in engineering and geological theory and practice from the EU countries and North America, management of engineering and geological activities, design and construction of geo-protection engineering facilities.
They can work as successful specialists in:
  • Construction (provision of engineering and geological information for sizing of engineering facilities, mining works, etc.; dividing in seismic micro districts of construction sites and territories;
  • Geo-protection activities (exploration, assessment, forecasting of destructive geological processes; development of designs for fortification facilities);
  • State and municipal administration (experts and consultants in institutions, district and municipal administrations, provision of permits for construction, Regional Inspectorates for Environment);
  • Industry and energy sectors (surveys and projects in the mining construction, engineering, geo-engineering and seismo-geological information for energy construction thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, gas pipelines, etc.);
  • Civil protection (cadastre of the destructive geological processes, engineering and geological monitoring networks, systems for early forecasting on natural disasters);   • Environment protection (exploration, design and construction of depots for industrial and domestic waste, depositories for average radio-active and strong toxic waste, reports for environment impact assessment);
  • Insurance activities (assessment of the geodynamic hazard and risk).