Management of gas infrastructure



In addition to the graduates of the program "Drilling, Extraction and Transportation of Oil and Gas", "Geology and Exploration of Mineral and Energy Resources" and "Applied Geophysics" in the Master's programs can be enrolled graduates of the study program "Gas, purification equipment and technologies ".

The Master's degree "MANAGEMENT OF GAS INFRASTRUCTURE " prepares highly qualified and wide-profiled specialists with in-depth knowledge of management, control and optimization of gas infrastructure processes. This program meets the needs and prospects in the energy and gas sector in Bulgaria and the European Union. Natural gas is among the among most important in the energy sector in the EU, accounting for a 24% share of primary energy consumption in these countries.

After gaining some practical experience, the experts who graduated the Master program can carry out management, teaching and research activities in the field of gas infrastructure.

Master program is structured on a modular basis and takes place in multimedia equipped halls and laboratories for practical sessions with modern stands and simulators.

The lecturers are highly qualified with extensive practical experience using modern training methods and European gas technologies. For the different modules and lectures, leading specialists from Bulgaria and abroad are presenting the latest technologies and current trends in the management of gas projects and infrastructures. Seminars and internships are organized at the central dispatching departments of leading gas companies.

The Engineer graduated in Master " MANAGEMENT OF GAS INFRASTRUCTURE " is trained to perform financial analyzes and project documentation as well as project management in the field of:

Graduates from the Master program " MANAGEMENT OF GAS INFRASTRUCTURE " acquire knowledge and competencies for the following specialized activities:

The profound training and in-depth knowledge in the field of gas infrastructure enables graduates from this program to take successfully technical and managerial positions in various fields such as:

Graduates in Master program MANAGEMENT OF GAS INFRASTRUCTURE are prepared to work in all sectors of the national economy on positions requiring higher education in the area "Gas Infrastructure" as well as other member states of the European Union.