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The Journal of Mining and Geological Sciences is the successor to the Proceedings of the Higher Institute of Mining and Geology which had been published since 1953 and the Annual of the University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski ". The Journal consists of four volumes: Geology and Geophysics, Mining and Mineral Processing, Mechanization, Electrification and Automatization of Mines; and Humanitarian Sciences and Economics. It publishes original fundamental and applied research in English in the relevant fields - geological, mining, physico-mathematical, chemical, technical, humanitarian and economic sciences. The publication is highly specialized and is intended for a wide range of readers - scientists, specialists, lecturers, PhD students, students, business representatives and others. The Journal sets an environment for intensive scientific exchange and discussions on a number of issues in the above-mentioned areas.
The Journal of Mining and Geological Sciences is included in the National Reference List of the Modern Bulgarian Publications with Scientific Peer Review, which is maintained by the Ministry of Education and Science through the National Centre for Information and Documentation. The submitted papers are subject to a prior peer review on the basis of the editorial policy and the Code of Ethics of the Editorial Board of the Journal.



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