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Bachelor's Degree Courses

Faculty of Mining Technology - MTF
Exploration, Mining and Processing of Mineral Resources - EMPMR
Mineral Processing and Recycling - MPR
Underground Construction - UC
Management of Resources and Production Systems - MRPS
Management of Resources and Production Systems - MRPS
General engineering -

Faculty of Mining Electromechanics - MEMF
Automation, Information and Controlling Equipment - AICE <<web site>>
Gassy, Combustion, and Purifying Equipment and Technologies - GCOTT
Electrical Power Energy and Electrical Equipment - EEES
Computer Technologies in Engineering - CTEA
Mechanisation of Mining Production - MMP
Complex Mechanisation and Computer Design in Machine Building - CMCDMB

Faculty of Geology and Exploration - GPF
Biotechnology - BT
Geology and Geoinformatics - GG
Geology and Exploration of Mineral and Energy Resources - GEMER
Ecology and Environmental Protection - EEP
Applied Geophysics - AG
Drilling, oil and gas production, and Transport -
Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology - HEG



Projects and Partners

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