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General Information

The library at the University of Mining and Geology is within the system of University libraries. Its unique funds provide the necessary literature for the main branches of the university – mining, geology and engineering geoecology. The library funds are organized according to the Universal decimal classification which encompasses different documental sources – books, periodicals, theses, research papers, etc.

You can use the following e-resources in the UMG from each computer within the University network:
Fulltext database:
Science Direct (www.sciencedirect.com)
ProQuest (www.proquest.com)

Refered and cited databases:
SCOPUS (www.scopus.com)
THOMSON REUTERS - ISI Web of Knowledge (www.isiknowledge.com)

More information can be received at the University library.

Overall library fund – about 90 000 volumes

Organisation of the library fund:

The library funds are pursuant to the neceds of the educational process, scientific and research activity.
In the sphere of mining activity, the books encompass:

In the sphere of geology, the books encompass::

Information about additional sciences can be found as well: mathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, mining and construction machines and facilities, etc.

Readers: about 3500 in general, out of which lecturers and employees - 450; students - 2500; external specialists - 550.

Relations with other libraries: Inter-library and international inter-library book lending; book exchange with libraries and scientific institutes – more than 86 all over the world.




Projects and Partners

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